Mission: Our mission is to revolutionize learning, by creating educational supplements that support our existing academic institutions. We will invigorate, empower, and refine the next generation of leaders to LOVE, LEARN, and SHARE the wealth the future has to offer.

We are New Spectrum Educational Consultants LLC, a group of experienced consultants who help students and educators navigate the stress of the evolution from student to leader. We offer a unique holistic approach to learning, training, and leadership, encapsulated in our Personal Development core curriculum “Unlocking the Mind of a Winner,” which has been described as “unparalleled” in the educational supplement market. Our new innovative but thorough approach to this core curriculum was designed to address and strengthen the core of a person: things like self-awareness, emotional intelligence, visions for the future, healthy habits, pre-professional skills, and more.


Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner Curriculum

Personal Development & Mentorship Program

Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner is a revolutionary, holistic approach to personal development and mentorship. Our program will challenge, invigorate, and inspire transformation within today's youth. This program provides skill training, best practices, and strategies to help you and your students achieve optimum success. Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner is a curriculum-based program available 12 months of the year. We offer complete professional development training as part of our personal development and mentorship program, and our trainers are of diverse backgrounds, ready to meet any of today's challenges. We offer a flexible approach to accommodating our partners’ needs, including private training for schools and districts. Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner Personal Development and Mentor Program was designed to strengthen the core of today's youth, helping them to become the architects of their lives. This is an exciting time for educators, and New Spectrum Educational Consultants are just as excited to provide this comprehensive program to help change the trajectory of the next generation.

The Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner curriculum comes in three different packages:
-Student Package: Includes Core Curriculum and Student Journal (the full Student Package is recommended for EVERY student)
-Mentor Package: Includes Master Curriculum and Mentor Guide
-Teacher Package: Includes Mentor Package plus Syllabus, Rubric, and Lesson Plans

Teacher and Young Student
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Mental Fortitude: Protecting The Health Of Your Mind And Spirit Curriculum

Mental Health Program

Mental Fortitude uses the same unprecedented integrated approach as Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner and uses it to enhance self-directed social-emotional awareness. The combination of self-understanding, practical skills, external guidance, and direction to professional mental health resources (where applicable) provides a comprehensive solution to a complex group of challenges. Like Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner, Mental Fortitude is a curriculum-based program available 12 months of the year, with similar professional development training available. Mental Fortitude was designed to strengthen the minds and spirits of today's youth, helping them to self-regulate and process the experiences of their lives. Having witnessed what happens when mental illness is not prevented or addressed, all of the partners of New Spectrum have a personal commitment to helping improve the existing support structure.

The Mental Fortitude curriculum comes in three different packages:
-Student Package: Includes Core Curriculum and Student Journal (the full Student Package is recommended for EVERY student)
-Mentor Package: Includes Master Curriculum and Mentor Guide
-Teacher Package: Includes Mentor Package plus Syllabus, Rubric, and Lesson Plans


See The Data

From increased grades to drastically better behavior to higher standardized test results, students are benefitting from participating in New Spectrum programs. Numbers don't lie, so here's what the data have to say...

  • On average, students working with New Spectrum's programs being administered by Civil Society (a Houston-based nonprofit), saw their grades go up by an average of 24 points, from a 59 to an 83. That's the difference between failing and college-bound!

  • Similarly, that same group of students in the Civil Society program saw a decrease of 89% in their frequency of disciplinary referrals, with the vast majority of students going to zero disciplinary actions. Entering the program, no student had a frequency of zero disciplinary referrals.

  • Students in HISD's Ascending To Men program, which uses New Spectrum curricula, showed improvements on their STAAR tests of 6-12 months in reading and 7 to 16 months in math above and beyond what would otherwise be predicted.


Meet The Team


Alfred Frazier, Jr.

Sales & Training Director

Alfred has owned and managed multiple companies since the age of 21, starting with his first construction company he started in 2000. Alfred is originally from New Orleans and has taken the unconventional route to becoming engaged in the business of educational consulting. He has a rich history of volunteering and civic engagement for over 25 years. He is the founder and Chairman of the Board for a 501(c)3 nonprofit called Civil Society, which specializes in personal development and mentorship for at-risk youth. Alfred also acts as Chairman of the Advisory Board for HISD's Ascending to Men initiative, lead by Dr. Kenneth Davis. He has an unwavering commitment to educational equity and quality education for all nationalities and races of people. In his free time Alfred, enjoys traveling the world; his favorite places to visit are Mazatl'an, Mexico and Dubai. He also enjoys spending time with quality people and good friends.

Dr. Richard E Harris II, M.D., Pharm.D.


Dr. Harris is a board certified internal medicine physician and pharmacist in Houston, Texas who specializes in primary care, biological hormone replacement, wellness, exercise counseling, and nutrition.  He attended The University of Texas for undergraduate and pharmacy education and then medical school at McGovern School of Medicine in Houston. Dr. Harris completed his residency training at The University of Texas Medical Branch and is currently pursuing an eMBA at the University of Houston. He has a deep passion for health, wellness, and mindfulness and is firm believer in the low carb/ketogenic lifestyle. Dr. Harris also enjoys sports, church, philanthropy, audio books, and weight lifting. He is an ardent supporter of the power of education and is passionate about educating men and women from all walks of life.  Dr. Harris believes that the right education is the cornerstone of a bright and beautiful future.

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Sean Sessel


Mr. Sessel is a voracious learner with a fervent belief in the ability of the individual to better himself or herself. After discovering that he derived intrinsic enjoyment from continual learning and sharing that knowledge with others, he decided to make a career of it and started The Oculus Institute, a personal development company. Before Oculus, Mr. Sessel was Director of Quantitative Research and Co-Portfolio Manager at Tectonic Advisors, a Registered Investment Adviser with over $1 billion in assets under advisement. Prior to that, he worked as an Associate at Boston Consulting Group, where he specialized in consumer survey analysis and organizational structures. Mr. Sessel received his B.S. in Bioengineering from Rice University. Throughout this time, he has also been involved as a founder, equity hire, or board member in 10 different startups and 2 different nonprofit organizations. Mr. Sessel's hobbies include travelling, games of calculation (including chess, backgammon, various card games, etc.), CrossFit, mixology, and Muay Thai.

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